Enjoy a magnificent world
in a unique Boutique Hotel
An unforgettable experience
reminiscent of Venetian history
Discover the charm and quality of life
in the old town of Chania
We will be so proud to
have you as our guest
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If you have more than 1 babies, please add the rest of them as children.
Due to COVID-19, you can cancel your reservation until the date of arrival, without any cancellation fees. The payment for your reservation will be made during your stay at the hotel.
Please read here the important information about the hygiene and safety measures we have taken for the COVID-19 situation.
Contessa Hotel
An unforgettable experience
Enjoy a really magnificent world, discover the charm and the quality of life in a hotel which has been recently renovated. We have so much more to offer than merely the carefully chosen design of the salon and the rooms.
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Contessa Hotel